Anyone living in Sequim? Working nearby?

  1. Hi ...I am job hunting and I read Sequim is nice enough if you live in the right area. I am wondering if any RNs are working near there and know anything about it/the area if you'd like to share? Thanks I am interested in the hospitals and the area for living .... I am job hunting and it's a big world out there! :mortarboard:
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  3. by   Todd SPN
    I'm not sure Sequim has a hospital. About 10 years ago I had a sales route and Sequim was one of my stops. A guy who worked at the local grocery store put it this way: "The people who live here are either raisins or granola's." Meaning retired old people or hippies. The town attracts many retirees because of the weather. It is in "banana belt," it can be raining on either side of them and they will have sunshine. But sunshine does not mean hot weather. It is on the Sound and the water does make for cooler temps than inland. The sidewalks roll up early. Last time I was out that way 2 years ago, the highway had bypassed the town so I can't tell you about growth. It is a beautiful area, but I am a person who likes solitude and I'm not sure even I could stand it for an area to live in long term. You might want to see my response to the person who posted about Port Angeles.