Anyone in North Seattle Community College LPN-RN

  1. hello

    i am just wondering if anyone currently or used to be a lpn-rn student at north seattle cc. i would like to know how's their program. is the instructor supportive, how's clinical, are the students drop out rate high?

    i would really appreciate your answer. thank you very much ^____^

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  3. by   Nurseless in Seattle
    Did anyone here get into NSCC? I was shocked that I did not get in. I have a 4.0 GPA on Pre-requisites and 80 points on TEAS, I should have gotten in.
  4. by   j450n
    I heard that if you're in good standing after the 2nd quarter of the LPN program, then you're allowed to progress straight away into the RN program. It's probably indicative that we may see a full ADN program at North Seattle in the near future.

    I'm curious to know people's experience as well. I really like North Seattle from taking prereqs there.
  5. by   laurahlpn

    I am also interested in the bridge program. Did you try again? Did you find out why you did not get in with the 4.0 gpa? What was the assessment test like? And the TEAS??
  6. by   legscr
    Hi, I made it in the NSCC LPN-RN program. Its my first quarter and so far I think its pretty awesome. The instructors seem and are very supportive and helpful. They really want you to succeed. I've also heard from students in the program who are happy and excited to be there and they love they're instructors.

    A little about how the program works.... it is an LPN - RN ladder and you have to pass your LP NCLEX after the 4th quarter before being able to continue onto the RN program. You also have to be in good standing every quarter in order to stay in the program (meaning your GPA in each class has to be a min of 77%). Not too bad right?

    And about getting in..... its not just about grades, health care work experience and volunteer experience goes a long way. Most associate programs now want you to have taken a CNA or MA course and/or to have worked in that field. NSCC and Shoreline give lots of 'points' for having that work experience. Also for NSCC 80 on the TEAS is on the lower end. The higher you score, the more points you get towards your overall points. RE-apply and RE-take the TEAS its worth it. Bellevue also uses the TEAS for admission criteria.
  7. by   orla

    Thats encouraging to hear that they look at things such as experience and whatnot but correct me if I'm wrong but I did not see any portion on the application for including any of those things. From what I gathered it appeared that they only wanted to know about grades and TEAS score?

    Thanks in advance!
  8. by   66ImpalaSupersport
    Hi, I just started at NSCC's LPN to RN. I'm not sure if they changed their policy re: the points for experience; it sounds as though they have factored that in in the past. Though many of the students in my cohort worked as CNAs or at least have their license, this last cohort was admitted based on equal points split between GPA/prerequisites and their score on the HESi-A2 test (they just changed it from the TEAS).

    I took the TEAS because I needed it for another application and there was some geology and physics in the science portion of the exam, whereas the HESI-A2 was Reading/Lang comp/grammar and punctuation, Math, A&P, and a critical thinking component. I'm just starting out, but I agree that the instructors seem to be supportive, and the state recently awarded NSCC sizeable grants to build a new teaching lab with all new equpiment, so clearly the state thinks it's a good program as well. I think scores on the HESi tend to be higher on average than the TEAS because of the relevance to the prereqs. I think at this point programs competitive in general- I don't know about my cohort but the number they gave at the info session about the number of applicants for the previous cohort was 250 or so. The best advice anyone gave me about studying for the test was that the evolve/elsevier study material is fine for the math and grammar and stuff, but definitely get another book to review the A&P, like the McGraw Hill book.

    Good luck with your applications!
  9. by   shannag
    @Impala, which study guides did you use exactly? I'm looking online and can't find many options for the HESI test. Thanks!
  10. by   SJ.MNM
    North Seattle allows all of their PN program students in good standing to articulate into the RN program. This means if no one drops there is most likely no opportunity for students to join into the ladder program from the outside.

    Because the GPA/HESI standards are so high right now, its hard to believe many of the outstanding students that made it into the program will fail out part of the way.

    That being said... people do have personal issues that interfere with their schooling, or have other opportunities to take advantage of, so I wouldn't be discouraged... but its important to know the probabilities so you can determine where to focus your efforts.