anyone from/work in Port Angeles?

  1. I will graduate soon and my fiance and I are wanting to locate to WA within a couple hours of Seattle. Through internet research, we like Port Angeles best although we have not yet seen it. Can anyone tell me first hand what its like to live there and work there? Is it difficult for a new grad with one year extern experience to find work?
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  3. by   Todd SPN
    Hey kat,
    The Olympic Pennsulia is a beautiful spot, but can be boring for a person your age (generally). PA as the locals call it was known for the lumber industry which has taken a downturn. I have worked with nurses that grew up in that area and were glad to leave to the "big city." Getting to Seattle in the winter can at times be difficult. I know of times where the winds closed the bridge down. (They actually open up a section to allow water through so the waves don't beat on the structure.) There are times the ferry can't run because of extremely low tides. You can, of course, take the long way around through Bremerton. All of this sounds worse than it really is, but it does happen. If you like rain, you will love PA 3 out of the 4 seasons. Less than a year ago the hospital was advertising out of the area for nurses. IIRC, they also were attached somehow to a NH. Anyway, they were offering a sign-on bonus and maybe some assistance with moving expenses, but I'm not sure about that. Hope this helps some.