Trinity University - Does anyone know anything about it?

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows much about Trinity University in DC. I'm trying to start Nursing school next Spring and Marymount may just be outta reach.....I'm a 2nd degree student! I'll take any advice you might have! Thank you so much and take care! - Jim
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  3. by   cheertt2
    I am not sure about the nursing program at Trinity, but I just got my master's degree from there. The school is very small, and if i can remember from graduation, there were only 6 or 7 graduates from the nursing program. It's fairly a new addition to Trinity. I am not applying there however for nursing because I want to do an accelerated program and Trinity doesn't offer that. Keep me posted on your decision. I would go to Trinity and inquire about the program.
  4. by   Juggler
    Hey Jim, I am thinking of MU for 2010 and was wondering why you thought of it as "outta reach", was it cost? I am a male student in his thirties and was also wondering how common this is at MU.

    Good Luck
  5. by   jimmy53
    It's definitely cost for me! I'm probably gonna have to take out a lot of loans and I'm applying for as many scholarships as possible. I have a sorta new roommate who is in the accelerated program right now. We live within a few blocks of the main campus and it's mostly out of shear convenience that I've settled on MU. Plus, their program is pretty thorough.....I think they pass the NCLEX at around 99.9 %! Two more schools I'm considering are Shenendoah U, out in Ashburn and Washington Adventist University in Tacoma Park......don't know much about either! Good luck and lemme know what you find out! - Jim
  6. by   nurstudent12
    Does anyone have input about Trinity. I'm so torn and supposed to be starting in Jan.!! What are the classes like? If you do the day classes, are you in class all day? Is there a lot of different times you can choose from? Also, what is the lowest grade you can get in a class to pass to the next one? Thank you!!
  7. by   irish4077
    Trinity, is up and coming. The lowest grade a student can receive is an 83 which at Trinity is a C+. An A is a 96 to 100. As far as day classes, the schedule is a mix of both day and evening classes. I went to Trinity thinking I was going to be in the day classes. I soon figured out, that most of the required classes are given at night. My advice would be to work as little as possible and concentrate whole heartily on your studies. The professors are very caring yet unwavering in dosing out grades. If you are 0.10 points away from failure you will fail. The biggest hurdle in Trinity’s nursing program would have to be the lack of adequate labs and lab material. There is no lab available for extra study time or skill building. There is also no tutoring available or computer simulations or exam preps and study groups which may be offered at other schools. If you are self motivated and organized, you will be fine. Keep in mind that there is little comradeship as far as study groups and social interactions, many of the students have fulltime jobs which take up most of their time outside of class. Tuition is approximately $11,000 per semester for fulltime. $22,000 a year not including summer classes.
  8. by   LawyerRN2b
    I'm really curious about Trinity as well. I am currently taking my pre-reqs at NOVA and looking at GMU and Georgetown's ABSN. I work full-time and it would be great to go for a BSN at night-- the thought never really occurred to me until I saw Trinity had this evening/ weekend program. I don't think I would be able to handle full-time school and full-time work, but I'd love to be able to do it part-time. Does anyone know if this is a possibility? Maybe 9 credits per semester?

    How do you like the program so far? Do you know anything about employment after graduation? Thanks!
  9. by   irish4077
    i believe that might be possible at trinity. your best bet is to call the nursing department and ask. both the dean and director are straight forward. be completely honest and upfront in regards to your schedule, academic standing, study habits and expectations. my experience has been that they will do their best to realistically guide you in your decision. as far as job offers go, i believe that the entire may 2011 class has passed the nclex and is working. most of the december 2011 class have concrete job offers in hand and are presently studying to take their nclex.

    best of luck ~
  10. by   nurstudent12
    Quote from jimmy53
    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows much about Trinity University in DC. I'm trying to start Nursing school next Spring and Marymount may just be outta reach.....I'm a 2nd degree student! I'll take any advice you might have! Thank you so much and take care! - Jim
    Thank you so much for the information! Did you live on campus? I can't find any cheap/safe housing near Trinity. My bf lives on 14th, but theres no more apt's avail. Do they offer a lot of summer classes, so you can go through the program faster?
  11. by   nurstudent12
    If you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA range? Mine is about 3.0 and I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up. I did get a B in anatomy and physiology and microbiology.
  12. by   irish4077

    i graduated with a 3.8. however that was not always the case prior to choosing nursing as my major. you will definitely be able to keep up!!!! if you are passionate about something like nursing, then you will be fine. b’s get degrees!!!! you do not have to be a straight a student. all you need is a true desire and whole hearted commitment. the understanding translated into awesome grades will follow.

    i lived off campus. however, i do know plenty of people who lived on campus and found it to be economical with a stronger sense of security so to speak. trinity is right up the road from the brooklyn & catholic u metro, (redline) so it is definitely metro accessible as well.

    my only thought is that trinity is very expensive, approximately 22k a year not including summer classes. (if you are willing to spend that much, or a bit more… you may want to check out catholic university as well) also look into columbia union, towson, university of maryland and salisbury as well…

    best of luck and never second guess your dreams~

  13. by   nurstudent12
    So, do you have clinicals in the first semester? What hopsital do you go to?

    thanks for all the info!
  14. by   irish4077
    i believe there is one clinical in the first semester; the curriculum keeps changing so i am not that sure. as far as hospital sites for clinical rotations, here are some of the ones trinity uses: washington hospital center, children’s national medical center, the va hospital, the hospital for sick children, sibley memorial hospital, shw, howard university hospital, providence hospital, and pgh. this list is always evolving, so you may want to call trinity and ask.

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