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Hey everyone, is anyone applying or did applied for the new graduate RN program 2012 from Georgetown University Hospital???... Read More

  1. by   em20
    Zagnurse5 that's awesome!! Good luck! Did you graduate this semester or are you finishing in May?
  2. by   mcs07012
    Hi All,

    I applied for the New Grad Day as soon as the application went up- coincidentally, I was researching GUH and learned the applications were to go up the next day. I am from NJ and go to school in CT, so Georgetown wasn't totally on my radar. Anyway, I got an invitation on the 28th and was pleasantly surprised. When I called the next day expecting to leave a RSVP message, I was thrown off when a nurse recruiter answered. She asked me about my clinical area of interest and told me to send the completed application packet in ASAP.

    I am starting to get really nervous about this all day event. Does anyone know anything about what to expect? I saw some threads about New Grad Day, but they may be out-dated.

    Congratulations to everyone for graduating this year!
  3. by   SailorWifey
    Mcs, I have no idea what to expect either. I also explored the old posts. What units did you expressInterest in? I felt the same way when I called and there was a recruiter and not a recording. Wasn't expecting to list preferenceson the spot but I went with my gut and listed the two areas I've worked in! good luck
  4. by   em20
    Looks like I'm on the waitinglist. I called today and spoke with someone. Hoping to hear back with an invite, they seemed optimistic about it but I guess we shall see!
  5. by   Zagnurse5
    • " SailorWifey Which unit are you interviewing for? "

      I interviewed for the intermediate unit (4E). Its similar to an ICU stepdown. I shadowed a nurse for 3 hours and then interviewed with the nurse manager for an hour. After, I went down to the nurse recruiter and discussed salary, benefits, and transportation etc. They told me they would call me in a week to let me know if I got the job. They called me an hour after I left and offered it to me!

      The interview process was actually not too too formal. They really just wanted to see if I would fit with their team, what my expectations were, and what my goals were.

    • "em20

      Zagnurse5 that's awesome!! Good luck! Did you graduate this semester or are you finishing in May?"

      I graduated this December 2011

      I start my position Feb 13th!!

  6. by   SailorWifey
    Thanks for the response! For your interview, did they ask you knowledge based questions (like what to do in a specific clinical scenario)? I read old posts and found that some people were asked those types of questions. I'm just trying to see what to expect. Thanks again :-)
  7. by   Hannah22
    When I called Nurse Recruitment to accept my invitation, I was asked to pick an area to interview in. From past posts it seemed like the afternoon of New Grad Day was set aside for applicants to interview on multiple units as they wished, but it appears not to work that way anymore.

    If I picked a unit that has 50 applicants and only 2 slots and I don't get a job offer, does that mean I can't re-interview on another, less popular unit? It seems like it would be hard to evenly match interviewees with slots with such a system, since there are units that are always massively popular (L&D, peds, NICU). Does anyone know how many people are invited to New Grad Day vs. how many slots are available, and how exactly the interview system will work? Can you decide on New Grad Day to interview on multiple units, or do you have to roll the dice with the available slots on the unit you initially picked? I would RATHER work on the unit I asked for, but in the end I'd rather work at GUH than anywhere else, unit aside.

    Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this!
  8. by   SailorWifey
    Hannah, it seems to me like we get to choose one area for our interview. I agree with the points you made though. Hopefully they would contact the applicants for more popular units and allow them to pick something else if they wanted. I kinda wish they would send out a list with the numbers so we have an idea!
  9. by   1989nurse
    In my conversations with the recruitment office, you do only get to interview with one unit.

    Hannah22, I pretty much landed in the scenario you posed. I was contacted asking if I was interested in any other unit late last week because there are only 2 spots expected to be open for this unit. I happily selected another unit, the one where I have 5 years experience. I was left with the impression that although you should interview where you are most passionate, those who have the most pre-licensure experience in that unit will be looked at more favorable for the open positions. I would think if you did not receive a call, the unit you selected is "safe."

    Would anyone besides me be moving from out of state to the DC area for a position and be looking for housing? Does anyone know about salary and/or shifts?
  10. by   1989nurse
    CONGRATS on the new position, best of luck- hope to meet you this summer!!

    Could you share about the benefits, salary, transportation etc.? You mentioned youre in Seattle- how did you find housing in DC- I would be relocating as well...

    What unit are you on? What are the shifts?

    Any more insight other than what youve already shared would be a FABULOUS help, and certainly ease some nerves!!

    Congrats again!
  11. by   1989nurse
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  13. by   1989nurse
    I didn't think they did accepted ADN prepared grads? It was strongly impressed to me they only accept BSN prepared students. This would make sense as they are a Magnet facility and Magnet strongly frowns upon the ADN prepared nurse. In fact, most Magnet facilities simply will not hire ADN or diploma grads and those who were already employed at the time of status are forced to go back for a BSN within a certain time period.

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