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Warning about www.allheart.com! I recently had a bad experience with allheart.com. I purchased a CD-rom from their website. Before my purchase, I checked their refund policy page. There were several items they would not accept for returns but software was not one of them. After receiving the CD, I e-mailed the company and told them I was dissatisfied with the CD-rom and wanted instructions on returning their merchandise. Allheart.com e-mailed me back with instructions on returning the CD for a refund. Less than a week after returning the CD, allheart.com returned the CD to me and said there are no refunds for opened software when less than one week before they had no policy for software!

I want to share this experience with other nurses who might be thinking about making purchases from allheart.com. If they willing to cheat me out of a return, they might be willing to do the same to others. I have a website of my own and realize how easy and quick it is to make changes to...say, a refund policy page. Don't get burned like I did. Stick to well known websites like Amazon or Borders. When companies like allheart.com cheat consumers, they make it difficult for other new e-commerce sites that are honest.

By the way, If your thinking about buying the PDR CD-rom, don't. It's nothing like the hard-bound PDR you might have at home or at work. I could not find the following drugs on the CD-rom: ketamine, thiopental, brevital, etomidate, dopamine, ethrane, nitrous oxide, secobarbital, and flurazepam. At the very least, every drug book has dopamine! Nurses have been hanging dopamine for as long as I can remember.

Manuel Villanueva

[email protected] http://www.manuelsweb.com

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