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:) Howdy all you wonderful people out there! I love Nurses, our sense of humor,compassion, knowledge and experience make us such interesting people! A little about me, I have been an RN for 6yrs, worked in many different fields, and now I am doing ---AGENCY---work. I would just like to have any opinions on this subject from all of ya. Me personally, well I don't need the benefits, although many Agencys are offering them now, and I am loving the freedom to work when I want to, and LOVING the incredible pay!! But I am starting to feel a little guilty for all of the nurses that I meet that are working full time in a such a low paying place, and then I come in and am making at least twice what they are. I just don't understand the Hospitals logic to pay me so much and their Full Time devoted staff so little. I guess I shouldn't worry about it and just take the money and run,huh? But I do care about all of us as a profession, and can't help but wonder, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!!:confused:

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