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WANTED: Study Tips


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Hello! I am a sophomore nursing student and I really found myself struggling to pass throughout my entire first year. I was a straight A student in high school so going from that to barely scraping by was difficult. Anyway, this upcoming semester I will be taking Pathophysiology and Microbiology and I was just wondering if anyone had any good study tips? I really want to do well this year, not just pass. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Here is what I did. I rewrote the PowerPoints from class in black, then read the text book and added notes from there in green, the info we got in class I did in blue. After each exam I would mark the test questions and watch the patterns. Certain tests were from the textbook others from the notes given in class. The only thing to do is ask if the majority of questions are from the notes or text and you can figure out the important stuff. Hope this helps!

try and get the class syllabus ahead of time, or go to your nearest college or community college library and start reading those two subjects you just mentioned. Good luck, and if you are also working while going to school, rember that school is your priority. nursing school is pretty intense, so try to be prepared and don't fall behind in your readings.:coollook: