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Want to move what is Watt's like?

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Hello all,

I am an EMT from Massachusetts longing to go to nursing school. I am curious about the Watt's program. Do they have many students that are not from North Carolina? How competitive is it to get in, and what is Durham like? I'm getting a BA in historical studies in Mass, however being a nurse is my passion. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank You!!

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Like any nursing program, it's a challenge.

Watts works in conjunction with Mount Olive College to provide a diploma along with an Associates Degree (not an ADN). You take your pre-req's through MOC at the Watts facility.

They have a rolling enrollment with two starts each year, Jan and July. I believe they are currently still filling the upcoming July cohort.

Getting in is more a competition against yourself than anything else :)

You need to pass the entrance exam, then turn in the applications with an essay and personal references. Upon passing those steps you'll then need to pass a background check. When accepted you're put in to the next available slot.

Durham is not a bad place, contrary to what is usually said. Like any city it has it's bad areas and elements. A lot of work is being done to revitalize downtown, and a major shopping area was developed in the southeast area a few years back that has been a boon. Cost of living is decent, especially compared to the NE.

The school is in a new facility in the northwest part of town, close to the edge of town.


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