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Want to move to Bend

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I just graduated from nursing school in CO and want to move to Bend. I interviewed for a new grad position but didn't get the job because there were so many applicants. (Interviewing over the phone sucks). I still want to move there so I am wondering if there are other RN job opportunities in the area to get me started (nursing homes, home care, etc) until I get into St. Charles.

Anyone work at St. Charles? Is it a good place? Information, comments, suggestions would be appreciated. Also, any info on Bend would be great too. I haven't been there for about 5 years so I know it's changed. Thanks!

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i am currently working at st. charles in bend (in the family birthing center).

don't give up!!!! it may take a while to get hired, but it will be worth the wait.

i worked here before and during nursing school. i only wanted to work in the fbc and even though i was 7 year employee, couldn't get hired. i chose to move to eugene to get some l&d experience, with the mindset that i would get a year or so of experience and be a great candidate. i applied for every open position in fbc for 3 years and finally was hired last august.

i happen to know for a fact that the fbc is planning on hiring new grads and/or rn's from other areas of the hospital. their plan is to "grow their own". they have switched back to this mentality a couple months ago in hopes of gaining some long term nurses. i have heard that they are offering several incentives, for example, student loan repayment, moving expenses, etc.

if working in this area is of interest to you, i urge you to be aggressive. i resorted to some badgering. i contact the nursing recruiter twice a week for several months before i got an interview.

i honestly don't understand why it takes so long or requires such aggressiveness. but it is certainly worth it. it is a great hospital to work at.

i would also like to encourage you to apply at the bend and redmond campuses. redmond is only 15 miles from bend and a nice growing community. once you are in with the organization, it is much easier to move around and get the positions you want and at the campus you want.

as for living in bend, it is wonderful. there is a lot to do here and the people are great.

good luck!!! let me know if you need any other information! i am happy to help!

p.s. unless you are in love with working long term care, don't do it! you will lose your skills quickly. you are much better off working in a hospital. you don't realize how much nursing school didn't teach you until you start working at a hospital. it is great training.

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