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Want to get back into critical care

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Hi. I have been a RN on a med surg floor for almost four years. I started in an ICU and stayed 5 mons. I want to get back into an ICU but haven't had any luck. I have interviewed for 3 positions with no offers. I heard it wasnt my interviewing skills so I am not sure what the problem is. I had one offer from a different hospital than I am currently at but they offered me way below my current pay rate, so I declined. I am ACLS and PALS certified. I have a BSN. I am just looking to transfer in the hospital I am at so the pay will be the same, the hospital would not lose money hiring me over a new grad. I have seen newer nurses move into these positions so why it hard for me to obtain a position? I want to go to CRNA school next fall. I need and want to get into a critical setting asap. Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone else have this problem and is so how did u overcome it? I feel like a CCRN stuck on a med-surg floor!


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HI, I realize this info is outdated as per your post date I worked in critical care more years than you can imagine. Board CCRN, all that. Left nursing for a while and needless to say, no longer have that cert.

My passion and love have always been cardiology. I have done hospice for the past four yrs but yearn to get back into ICU. I doubt it will happen. Lots of exp but getting older but know I can handle my position and willing to always learn and love the challange. Maybe just venting, but I do understand. Maybe you could consider traveling. They are always looking for ICU nurses who are willing to walk into a unit blind and very willing.

Keeps you Young.............NOreen

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