Walden Univ? UT-Arlington?? Univ. of louisiana at lafayette


Hi guys, I am so frustrated from choosing a RN to BSN program, I have read lots of posts and got feedback from friends. There have few things I have looked into while I am searching the program.

1) cost 2) no clinicals 3) no essay for application

I have narrowed it down in few online program that I am interested in, and I would like to get some input

My first choice is Univ. of Texas at Arlington, their tuitions is cheap, they 'claimed' that it only cost $8995/ 13 months ( I think that only apply to the nursing program itself!!' I have talked to a advisor over the phone, he told me the general course(8 weeks) cost $168/credit, $257/ credit for nursing courses (5 weeks). Everything sounds good to me at the beginning until I read all threads from other people, people said the waiting progress took forever..... And another thing concern me the most is they require u to take lots of non-nursing courses like US history and Texas history and some others.

The second one is Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette, it 'claimed' that the RN to BSN program total are 30 credits, $293/credit, since their online program is pretty new, so I couldn't get much feedback from whoever did finished the program, that will be nice if u guys can give me some advise.

The last one but not least in my mind is Walden university, I just got back their preliminary evac. They accept most of my transfer credits, however , I need to take contemporary and social science, each are 5 credit each, and there have 10 nursing courses/54 credits that I have to complete, so, which mean I need to take 66 credits, it sounds like a lot and they cost $300/credit, so I don't know.

I know the first two choices even it said the tuition are cheap, but I think it just tried to get people to enroll, once I sent the official transcript to them, probably they will need me to take a lot more courses, at the end, the cost is even out....

I also look into SUNY Empire State ..... Keuka college as well, please help me out here

Thank you

Please help me