Wake Tech vs. Watts SON

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Hi all,

I started the process of getting my pre-reqs together to go to Wake Tech recently. I also just learned about Watts SON and was wondering if anyone could give me their insights about the two. I'm really torn because I already have information on Wake Tech and was set to go there but it seems that it will take more time to start the program than if I were to go to Watts. I've already gone through 3 and a half years of school and just really want to start a program as soon as possible. (I don't have the GPA to transfer into a BSN program at another school or do the ABSN programs) I guess I just don't really have a lot of information on Watts yet and just really want to know which program will set me up for a better future as I'm going to do a bridge program after I graduate.




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Bump! Thanks so much for posting this...I'm planning on applying to schools this coming year and I'd love to know what you can find out. I have absolutely ZERO college under my belt, so I don't know what my chances are, but I've looked at Wake Tech mostly and also Vance-Granville. I've also considered checking out MCI for their LPN program because there's no wait to get started and VGCC offers an LPN-RN bridge!