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hello folks,

i applied for spring admission to samuel merritt for sacramento for 2011. i received a call i am 9 out of 12 on the waitlist. i am not thinking i have much of a chance of getting into the program this time around but i would like input from others on their waitlist experience. i also applied for the absn program for sac for spring 2011. have many of those applying for smu done the same thing? i was told that a lot of people apply to the elms fnp and case management programs in addition to the absn program. if you applied to all these programs, what is your first choice? any input or info would be great. ...just trying to gauge my chances since this waiting thing is killing me! good luck to all who applied!

~chels :-)

I applied to both the ELMSN CM and the ABSN. I had an interview and got offered a spot in the ELMSN's program. I know a lot of people have already heard back from the ABSN, but I haven't so not sure if I got in. Have you heard anything yet?


First of all, congrats on the ELMSN acceptance!!!11! I personally haven't heard anything from anyone about my acceptance into the ABSN, but I talked to Sac on Friday night and they have offered 30 people acceptance thus far via phone. I was also told they are taking 40 people. They are requiring people accept/reject the ABSN offer by Oct 1st. I think this is to offer additional people spots since most (like yourslef and me) would likely choose the masters program over ABSN. There is a thread for the ABSN program on this site too if you are interested called Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring.

~Chelsea :-)

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