Waiting for tier 2 uk visa


Im a Filipina nurse waiting for my COS for over a month now. From a forum I've read, I expect to receive my COS on or before the 18th of this month. My question is how long did you have to wait from getting your COS to actually getting your VISA and flying to the UK?


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I'm from Canada and my visa was pretty quick. Got the COS on the 18th of August and had approved visa in hand Sept 9th last year. We arrived in the UK Sept 23rd! Though in Canada there is a UKVI visa processing centre so I could go in person. I'm not sure how long it would take to mail it in. Though I think they have processing times listed on the UKVI website.


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We have the same case. I am supposed to be deployed on July 14 but I haven't received by COS yet. :( As per home office, majority of the visa applications are processed within 10 days. I am assuming that's 10 business days plus COS allocation delays from NHS and lead time for obtaining a slot for an appointment. So a lead time of atleast 3 weeks should be allotted. Unfortunately, I am running out of time if I wish to be deployed on the 14th of July. I followed it up with my agency but I haven't received any response. In any case, it's NHS' loss if they are delayed with my deployment. There's far so much work and stress waiting ahead. Plus I'd rather be poor in my beloved poor country versus be poor in a 1st world country. I guess I'm okay with delaying it. ;)