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Waiting to take CNA state exam but looking for employment in the meantime

I just finished a CNA course in nyc and will be taking the state exam for my license in January or February. I was told that some nursing facilities could hire me on a conditional basis provided that I earn my license within a few months after hiring me. I am having a difficult time finding these facilities as most places including agencies tell me that I need the license first. Since I go to school full time, I wanted to work with agencies because I think they're probably more flexible with scheduling. Are there any agencies or facilities in the ny area that are willing to provide placement for CNA's who have not taken the state exam yet, specifically in westchester county? Thanks!


What a pain it is to run in circles with this, always such a catch. I don't know if this will be anymore helpful then your other efforts but I use the site EZBZ.co to search for all sorts of things in the city, because it puts you in touch with all kinds of relevant businesses throughout the city, and they respond within hours. The only reason I'm telling you about it is because I just got a job through one of the employment agency's on their site. Its worth posting and seeing that they have to say it is free and takes only a couple minutes to fill out the inquiry. Also it goes to a bunch of businesses and saves you the time and effort of having to contact them all individually. I really hope this helps! Like I said I don't know if they will have anything different to tell you but it is certainly worth posting and seeing what they have to say! I hope you find something soon :)

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