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Waiting Anxiously

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I just recently passed my NCLEX.:) I interviewed and did a shadow experience on a unit in the hospital I currently work for. Everything went very well. After the interview I was told by the NM to complete all the necessary paperwork in HR. That was in mid March. I saw the NM in passing last week and was told that she would be contacting me soon. How long does this process take? I was told by some people to call HR once a week. I was told by other to contact the NM herself. What should I do?:confused: I do not want to seem like a stalker.

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It varies so much. I think at the very least HR ought to be able to give you a time table as to when a decision will be made. You might ask if you are still being considered, if there is something they need to complete your application, etc.

Thank you Classicdame. I got the job. I got the call two days ago.