Volunteer work?


Hey everybody, I'm an RPSGT (sleep tech) and wondering about going back to school.

I love what I do, but I managed to pick pretty much the only healthcare profession I can think of that is more or less useless in a Médecins sans Frontières kind of context. I'm also always a little frustrated when I encounter a situation outside my scope of practice that I know I could handle if I had a little more training, aaaand I am encountering people on a semi regular basis who *need* medical attention beyond our outpatient test and am dismayed by how often I can chart under "other health problems" and know that nothing is likely to get followed up on. I know we can't help everyone with everything, but I want to do more!

I'm also kind of curious about hospice care. I have absolutely no idea if I could handle it or not, but people joke with me about the amount of overshare I get (my boss has said things like "I think you may be a little too comforting") and patients and supervisors have spontaneously told me "you'd be a good nurse" and "never take a job outside direct patient care, we need people like you", etc. I'm still tossing around the idea of radiography, of pharmacy school, etc, but I'm regretting that I'm a little too specialized to easily go overseas or help with anything beyond a narrow range of questions.

Has anyone else here gone back to school from another healthcare profession? Am I barking up the wrong tree? Am I crazy for considering at best a very slight raise for an exponential increase in work? What kinds of nursing are best suited for international work? (like maybe community health or HIV/AIDS?) is collecting allied health certifications like boyscout badges a respectable hobby?