Mission Trip to China Orphanage, Oct 2016

  1. My name is Dave Stanghellini and I am an RN who works in home care and education. I am the dad to three daughters my wife and I adopted from China. Because we have been so blessed, I felt called to work in orphan care and I have been fortunate to travel to China on Mission in 2014 and 2015. I am also leading a trip this year from October 13-23, 2016.

    The trip is coordinated by America World Adoption, a Christian adoption agency who has a Mission branch called Storyteller Mission. During these missions we go to care and show love to the children of the orphanage, assist the nannies, and help to assess the children. While some people might think of a mission as a trip to go to convert others, this is not its purpose. We do not go to proselytize but to share Christian fellowship as a team and bear witness of our faith through our actions.

    We need nurses and other medical professionals. Because children files sometimes contain incomplete or incorrect information, assessments help to expand the information available to prospective adoptive parents. In addition, the children we meet are helped by us returning to the States and telling their story (thus the name "Storyteller Mission"). Directly through these missions over 80 children have been adopted in the last two years. Many other adoptions have ben facilitated by the information we have gathered.

    For additional information about Storyteller Missions, please see it on the America World Adoption site: Storyteller Missions Trips : China (Gansu) October 2016 - Gosnell-Stanghellini

    Thank you for your interest! Please consider joining and brining a friend! If you have any questions, please contact me


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