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Does anyone use vocera, statview or pulse ox pagers? can you share how this equipment is passed on to the oncoming nurses if there is only enough euipment per shift. I need to formulate a formal policy on how this is going to be done properly in order to keep track of equipment and what pt room # to assign the equipment to ( statview & pagers) It's a safety issue at change of shift when off going nurse logs off vocera and oncoming nurse does not log in right away. The vocera is suppose to help with commuication but not always affective if not used properly. Any thoughts out there would really be appreciated.

i don't personally use vocera, but i've been to units that do. from what i've seen...the nurse checking out gives their vocera to the charge nurse (so the charge nurse has like 10 at the end of the shift) and then that charge nurse gives them all to the charge of the incoming shift. that charge nurse then passes them out to the "new nurses" who just arrived.

In our hospital, we use the Vocera badges. There are two nurses stations for the most part on all the units. At the first nurses station there is a drawer where the badges are kept for staff working from that nurse's station, the batteries for those badges are kept on the charger on the counter. There are separate batteries for day shift and night shift. It's the same for those who are working from the second nurses station. At the end of the shift, you're supposed to return the badge and battery to their designated spots or pass them off to an oncoming worker.

To make sure all the badges are accounted for, our floor manager counts how many we have every few weeks since the cost of those things are ridiculous.

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