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I am working to develop a more successful vsion screening and referral process. I want to develop a means to notify parents were are screening so they will look for the their child's result and then I want to be able to offer up to date info about practioners and hours and insurance coverage. Basically, I want to try to facilitate parents getting the kids corrective lenses. Any suggestions? What do you do in tyour practice?

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Depens on result.

We used to have standard letters for parents.

1) Outlining THEIR responsibility to inform class tutor.

2) With result and date of follow up check in school, whether they choose to take to own optition or not.

2) With result and request to 'Take to Optition' if warrented, and inform school.


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I have worked this two ways. I only send home a letter when the student fails vision test. It gives them the results and the option to see a DR. I let them know their are resources available if they need them and list my number. This year I sent home the referral letter for free eye care with the referral. I have not had 1 person respond. We have 5 pairs of glasses sittting in the office, we can't even get the kids to come down and claim them. The parents don't follow up when the kid breaks their glasses or loses them. I usually send up a foolow-up reminder letter several months after the initial one. (I also call the parent with the first letter so they know to look for it). I still haven't gotten any responses. I can't make them take them to the Dr. or get glasses for their kids. However, if they're failing because of their vision, they won't even go any further till the problem is remedied.


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Thank you for the info. Where do you get free vision care?

I know Walmart offer December care but I have no details on that or Lion's Club- my next task is to contact those sources but any info is appreciated!


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We are fortunate to have a local hospital who supports our vision screening by setting up a program, funded by donations, grants, etc., which will pay for eye exams and glasses through participating eye doctors and facilities in our town. A family must qualify by meeting certain guidelines and are issued a voucher which they can take to a participating physician of their choice. Familes are only eligible for 1 voucher per year, and if they lose the voucher it will not be replaced. This seems to have prompted over facilities in our town to get on the band wagon and start accepting public aid, which no one ever did in the past. This whole undertaking was brought on by pressure from myself and our other school nurses, and has proven to be a great source of positive PR for the hospital (I live in a fairly small town). Good Luck!

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