Visa Screen- CGFNS Create account problem

by Louie804 Louie804 (New) New


I am posting my concerns with regard to online registration for Visa Screen hoping that somebody from this forum would help to solve my problem. It is my first time to create an account on CGFNS to obtain a Visa Screen certificate, as I went through the registration process and filled up all information on the blank fields, it did not proceed on the next page of the registration after clicking the CREATE USER button which is on the right lower corner. Instead, a blank window appeared and it says, " An internal server error occurred. Please try again later." I tried to register again several times but the same problem would occur. It is necessary for me to create an account online because it is a pre-requisite for visa screen application. I could not proceed all the way for visa screening without having it. Is there any other way to register online? I hope somebody would help me this matter. Any response is highly appreciated. Thank you so much and God bless

How do I get answer regarding visa screening account in cgfns.

It says try again later. It might be website issues. If it's still not working, try contacting them for technical issues.