What would you recomend LPN to RN or LPN to BSN?

  1. How is every one doing? I am new to this forum and from what I have read so far is that everybody seems nice and offer good advice to those who seek it. I am still very young and lack the knowlege and experience of many older people on this forum. I am curently attending an LPN program in Falls Church and was wondering what would people recomend me doing after this program? So far I am deciding between a LPN to RN program or a LPN to BSN program. Also I was wondering what schools people recomend for these programs. So far I am looking at the GMU LPN to BSN program and the NOVA RN program. Any opinions?

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  3. by   TimBukWho?
    I'm in your shoes...I'm currently a semester away from graduating LPN school. So, here's my thoughts..... I plan on doing LPN-RN because it will only be two additional semesters and then at least I can work as an RN. I then plan on trying to get into an accelerated RN-MSN program because my end goal is to be a NP. If you just want to get your BSN you could do 1 more year after getting your RN. Plus, once you have your RN most schools have programs that don't require the same type of attendance that traditional schools do. For example many schools in this area (Wichita, KS) offering RN-BSN have classes that meet one night a week for a year. If I were you though I'd apply to all schools you're interested in and then choose based on your acceptance. Good luck!
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    Wow thanks! Thats a really good idea you have there. It seems like you have everything planned out. Maybe I should try what your doing. Thanks for your input.