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  1. ]I am a recent graduate in Richmond, VA. I came on board from being a mom who had an everyday job, to fulfilling my life's ambition of becoming a "Nurse". Little did I know that LPN's are the grunts of the medical world.
    ]Since graduating, I know what my goals are, but no school wants to take me unless I give up my paycheck (I have 5 kids and a house payment! and 2 years debt from school) or they want me to work a year in a hospital to get the med surg knowledge (about $13 as oppossed to $20+ working for a nursing home). Online classes won't even look at me because I don't have my RN yet, (I can't seem to find any LPN to BSN classes), MCV/VCU says I need to be an RN to enter their BSN and Master's program.
    ]I am 43. I struggled (although I did well, I struggled!) to get through my first 18 months to become an LPN. I know nothing about signing up for "pre-req's" to go back to college. Different programs discuss different options, follow different rules. I am so confused!!! All I wanna do is go back to school and further my education.
    ]Can someone give me some guidance? I want to work in the Women's Health Care field. I can't get any experience there, because I need to be an RN to work in the hospitals, and the MD offices tell me I don't have any experience in Women's Health Care.
    ]I am a new Doula on the side, but am still awaiting the certificate paperwork so I can start my business. I just need some help. I am an outgoing kinda gal, but I need someone to hold my hand and pat my back to get me through this stuff!! I am sooooo disallusioned at this time. Can anyone out there feel me on this one?
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    I understand what you are going thru. I sympathize with your dilemma, but there are options out there for you if your goal is to use lpn as a stepping stone to becoming an rn. Yes, it is true that alot of the programs for bsn reguire you to be an rn first. However, there are a few programs that will allow you to go from lpn to bsn. I believe that Indiana State University has an lpn to bsn program and it is distance education, you can do your clinicals locally with a preceptor. Also, I hear that George Mason up near Northern Va. has an lpn to bsn program as well. I dont know how much either programs cost though. You mentioned that you have children and a mortgage, have you considered getting your rn distance education thru excelsior? John Tyler Community College also has an lpn to rn program weekends only, I think you would go between 6-8 weekends out of a 4 or 5 month period each semester. I cant think of anything else but I hope this helps.

    Good luck!