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  1. I'm trying to get some info. from anyone who is a student in VCU's Accelerated BSN program. I am currently enrolled in an evening and weekend Diploma program and working full-time. I just got my acceptance letter from VCU and I could get my BSN almost a year earlier than my Diploma. I know that I would have to quite my high stress full-time job to go to VCU, but we can't live on my wife's salary alone. Just wondering if there is anyone attending this program and are you able to work part-time or is it too intense to work at all. I'd also like to here what you think of the program because I'm not too impressed with the Diploma program I'm in now.
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  3. by   dettwiller5
    Hi- I dont have any info on VCU's program but have looked into it also for future reference. I was just wondering what ADN program that you are attending. I am scheduled to start an evening/weekend program in January.
  4. by   chris74
    I'm in the Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing (Diploma Program).
  5. by   dettwiller5
    I see. I'm going into Riverside RMC's program in January. I've heard only good things about it. What are your concerns about your program?
  6. by   vttinytot
    Hi Chris,
    I graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelors in biology this past May. I'm currently in VCU's accelerated bachelors program and starting my third semester here. First the good points to the program: you will graduate with your BSN in six semesters! Most of the professors here are amazing and want you to succeed. You will be able to work as a care partner (VCU pays about $13/hr for care partner positions) if you are able to manage your time well. I personally decided to wait until this spring semester to work, because the first fall semester is by far the hardest. But I do have friends who started working this fall and made it through with a job. VCU understands that you are a student and will work well around your class schedule. Now onto the cons of the program: there is A LOT of information crammed into six semesters and no one really knows what the pass rate for the NCLEX exam is for this program. Although I've heard the pass rate is high (I'm hoping for my sake it will be next year at this time). Also, VCU SON and VCU's health system are a bit unorganized which can be frustrating at times when you just want to have your schedules and everything down pat. But really for the most part I am happy with my decision to attend VCU. The hospital and all of the registered nurses there are extremely happy to help you with anything and most of them love teaching. I do believe that training at an educational medical center far surpasses any problems I have encountered. Just remember to study, study, study! The first summer session is a breeze but prepare yourself for the roughest semester you'll ever face in the fall. Good luck!
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    Hello,I a just asking about the accelerated Bs program ,how is it?:hatparty: