UVA CNL May 2011 applicants

  1. Hi,

    Is there anyone else out there who applied/ is currently applying to the UVa direct entry MSN CNL program? I would love to find other members so that we can go through this process together. I'm excited to hear from other applicants! Good luck!
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  3. by   ninzy
    Hi Meg11!

    I applied to UVA CNL May 2011 and already had my interview. Everything went well and they are so incredibly nice and organized! How are things coming along for you? Best of luck!
  4. by   Meg11
    Aww that's great to hear. I have my interview on Friday. Have you applied to other programs? Are you excited about the prospect of being a nursing student?? I am very excited to go back to school and I think the CNL program is the ideal way for people like us without nursing backgrounds to become nurses. Why did you choose UVa? Good luck to you too!
  5. by   ninzy
    Thanks Meg11! I'm in the process of applying to other programs right now just as a backup. I am super excited for this whole process and the prospect for going into nursing school! I was excited to find out about the CNL program since I recently decided to go for nursing, rather than to get a BSN first then a MSN (Although I understand it's a lot more work!) :-) Are you applying to other programs too?

    Good luck on your interview!!
  6. by   Meg11
    I just applied to UVa because that's where I live and that's where my heart is.... even though I've been told not to put all my eggs in one basket. I know a few people in the current 1st year CNL class and they have only made me more excited about UVA's program! I wonder how many people applied this year. And now... we get to wait....
  7. by   ninzy
    That's great to hear! I have family in the D.C. area and that is also a big plus for me! It would be like two dreams coming true for me since I never really got to live close to this side of my family for my whole life. I just really overall like the structure of their program and how well they communicate with the public. Ah, the wait is driving me crazy! almost 2 months until we hear back....!!!
  8. by   Hope011
    Hi! I have my interview next week. I'm really excited/nervous. Of all the programs I looked at, this one made by far the best impression on me, so I would be beyond thrilled to get in (I wouldn't even mind the cross-country move!). Good luck!
  9. by   Meg11
    Hi Hope,

    Yay that's exciting! My interview was short and sweet, so I definitely wouldn't worry too much about it! Good luck! Where would you be moving from?
  10. by   ninzy
    Best of luck Hope! Same here, I wouldn't mind moving either!
  11. by   Hope011
    Thanks! I'll try not to worry too much about my interview, then . I would be moving from CA... I wonder how many out-of-state applicants they have this year.... Well, nothing we can do at this point but wait, I guess...with fingers crossed!
  12. by   ninzy
    I wonder too! Does everyone who apply get an interview or they interview only those they are interested in? Just curious...
  13. by   Meg11
    Yeah I was wondering about that too. I hear they can get up to 150 applicants per year which seems like a lot to interview, but who knows! Do you guys have any idea of what area of nursing you may want to pursue? I am extremely interested in psych nursing, therefore I'm excited to experience clinicals in the psych ward or at Western State hospital (the main psych hospital here).
  14. by   Hope011
    I was wondering the same thing about the interviews. I am also leaning towards psych nursing, psychogeriatrics in particular. I can't wait to get started!

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