Trying to pursue NSG degree after absence

  1. Hi. I'm a 34 y.o. gal who is trying to pursue a BSN. I actually graduated from ODU in '97 with a BS in Environmental Health, but unfortunately, the job in Env Health didn't pan out, and after getting out of the Navy in '03 and a few mis-guided steps, I decided that maybe I should pursue Nursing again. I actually tried to get into the Norfolk State U 2nd degree program, but unfortunately, didn't get in. I actually had completed a lot of my pre-reqs from ODU in the early 90's and luckily NSU accepted them. Unfortunately, most of my pre-req grades from ODU back in the early 90's were B's, and I flunked out of the Nursing Program at ODU in '94. My Nursing Advisor at NSU was alluding to the fact that they look at whether or not you had previously flunked out of a NUrsing Program. I think I'm the only one who did not make it out of my friends applying for the 2nd BSN program.

    Recently though, I was told that all I have to take was Pathophysiology, African-American History, and Pharmacology. When I applied for the 2nd Degree Program all I took recently was Patho, which I made an "A" in. This semester I'm only taking Pharm/Af-Am far making a B- and A in these courses, respectively. My friend thinks that if I re-apply next year I might get in because all I had to show for when I applied for the 2nd Degree was Patho, and now that I have Pharm/Af-Am Hist it would give me more leverage?

    The overall question I had though was if anyone knows any other school where I can take Nursing w/o having to re-take my pre-reqs that I earned over 10 years ago. I don't know if I'd like to go back to ODU, becuase to a degree I felt like they fed me to the wolves. Also, I'm married now and I have a baby daughter to take care of plus I don't want to move from Hampton Roads.

    Also, has anyone heard about the Care Partner Program at Sentara? Also, has taking this course helped in terms of getting into Nursing School grades wise? I'm thinking about applying for the Aug '07 class, so I can *hopefully* get a job and have more experience prior to perhaps pursuing Nursing. Or rather, decide for myself whether Nursing is a mistake.

    Thanks for any info.
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  3. by   Princess74
    The CP program is fairly short but it only pays nine something an hour. It wont help you get into a nursing program, not as far as grades go because its not a prereq. It would be helpful for clinical experience.

    After the first semester of the nursing program you can test out and become a CP, just an FYI.

    TCC also has a RN program, but like all programs it is very competive. I decided on Sentara because of all the clinical hours and the fact the they own pretty much everything in this area, the nursing program there is considered the best in the area because the own it. It is a great program though.
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    Thanks so much for answering! I actually am thinking about applying for the Sentara Nursing Program. I have an appointment this Friday. Wish me luck!