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    I hope someone may be able to shed some light for me. I am still looking into LPN-RN programs as I am ready to get going in school again. Has anyone here attended Thomas Nelson's program? I've done a lot of research on a few programs, but it's always nice to know from or hear from someone that has attended the program personally. If anyone has some information, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks for you time!
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  3. by   Tee_51
    Sorry but I haven't heard anything about Thomas Nelson. I've heard that TCC has a great program though. HU also has a bridge program. Hope you find the info you're looking for.

  4. by   **********-RN
    I'm a New Grad from TNCC May 2007, Many LPNs bridge over to RN. I would suggest that if you plan on going to TNCC that you ask the Nursing Department if you can take the Drug Dosage and Caculations Course before you get started in the RN program, ask if you can set in on the classes if at all possible. RN-Nursing School is tough and you must be able to devote all your time to the classes to be successful. Check and see if you can get in as they do have a waiting list, for the money you can't beat the degree at TNCC.
  5. by   austeph
    Thanks so much for your reply! Congratulations on your graduation!
    If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few more questions. Overall, how did you like the program? What were your clinicals like? And how long did you have to be on the waitlist before you were accepted into the program? Thanks again for your time and response!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!!
  6. by   **********-RN
    TNCC Clinicals consist of being at the designated facility at 6:45 ready to take report from the night shift. I had clinicals first at Riverside Regional Convalence Center, Eastern State Hospital in the Geriatric ward. Mary Immaculate Hospital- Labor and delivery med/surg 1st level and Sentara Hampton -ICU, Med/Surg 2nd level ,dialysis ,OR, Recovery and infusion. and Sentara Williamsburg, St Mary's Children Home in Norfolk. We stayed on the floor untill 3:00 most days and had post conferance to discuss what we learned during the day. We had short and long care plans and med sheets due for each assigned patient. I learned alot. It was tough at times to juggle school and family life. I liked the nursing program, although I have no other experiences to judge it against.
    I started at the college with no prior medical experience. I took all of the pre-nursing classes before applying to the nursing program, that took me four semester since I had no previous college, so I had all the needed points to get in which was 21 at the time. Being that you have some already you won't have to wait as long. The sooner you get on the list the sooner you will be able to get in. If you have any questions, check out the Nursing program on line at TNCC. The nursing faculity is very helpful and will spend extra time with you, all you need to do is ask, they want you to suceed.
    Hospitals in the area will recruite you before you get out of school if you want to work a summer internship.
  7. by   Kevin RN08
    Also, don't forget the Historic Triangle classes in Williamsburg. I think you missed the deadline for the spring but contact the nursing office and apply.
    I also urge you to take the drug doseage class, or at the very least get the pamphlet that they give us. We had an LPN move from the bridge program to the traditional program and that is where she got tripped up. Unfortunately, she didn't ask for help and none of us knew she wasn't familiar with it. The reason this is important is that there are 2 doseage tests each semester, you must get an 80% and they do not count to your grade, but will put you out of the program.
    I'm finishing my second semester, and like the other poster I have no previous hospital/medical experience. I would recommend the Williamsburg classes if you can, the classes are smaller (10) and you form a very cohesive team with your class.
  8. by   tessa45
    I went to an open house they had a year ago. I do not know anyone who has graduated from their program, but the only thing that concerned me was that the previous graduating class had about an 80% pass rate on the NCLEX. Sentara Hospital has a program and they just started it at the Careplex right by Thomas Nelson. They have nearly a 100% pass rate. I went to their open house as well and was very impressed. I know others that have graduated from Riverside Hospital's program and spoke highly of them. They also have a very high pass rate. One of the big differences in TNCC versus hospital programs is that at the hospitals you have a lot more clinical time. That being said I am not knocking TNCC at all. They have had the nursing program at least since the 70's and they must have a pretty good program. Community college is great and very affordable. Grads around here are snatched up as soon as they graduate. Good luck and I hope you enjoy which ever program you decide on.
  9. by   **********-RN
    Ohh I forgot to mention that I passed the NCLEX the first time and I did not take any NCLEX course but I know that as a hiring incentive all the hospitals will pay for you to that it, which is cost about $600-800. I went to TNCC and for two week they had an NCLEX review which was optional to attend and I was there everyday. It depends on how much you are willing to study and apply the nursing process to what you have learned.
  10. by   austeph
    I wanted to thank everyone for providing me with their experiences! You have given me some great information.
    Have a great afternoon!
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