Sentara vs CHKD Benefits Package

  1. I am a 2nd degree nursing student and will be graduating with my BSN in December (yay). I am considering a move to the VA Beach area and have been offered a position at Sentara Careplex's oncology unit. Anyone have any thoughts on this hospital? Also, when discussing benefits with the nurse recruiter, I found out that I will not be eligible for health insurance for 90 days. I found this to be crazy (by the time I take my boards and start the job, I wouldn't have insurance through work until May)! Does anyone know when you are eligible for health insurance at CHKD? I have an interview with them in about a week.
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  3. by   sheluke
    Unfortunately, that 90 days is pretty standard for benefits to kick in. If you have insurance you can keep (even if COBRA, as expensive as that can be!) until then, do so!