1. I am thinking about going to RSHT today to sign up for the JUNE class..I have been told alot of negative things about RSHT but i still have heard some good despite the bad.. one was that once you graduate your credits WOULD NOT transfer over to another college if you wanted to go back to school to recieve your RN..but someone who graduated from there told me that they did trasnfer..i called J sarg and they told me that they take credits from RSHT but i wanted to hear from someone who has actually graduated from RSHT and is in school or was in school to get there RN to see if the credits really do transfer..plz help
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  3. by   AlwysLrning
    I haven't gone there myself but I am really curious myself on what people think of Riverside's RN program.
  4. by   Kellylpn07
    I went to RSHT for my LPN in 2007 and now I am back in RN school and none of my credits transferred...the school is a rip off for the lPn because it was like 20,000.00 and nothing is an easy program if that is what you are looking for but none of the teachers are experienced with the subject they are teaching...they are all RNs but they could teach a different subject every 5 weeks but they won't know what they are teaching until the friday before class starts so they don't even have time to review the material before class starts....they don't have many clinical sites because some students have really showed their attitudes in the past and they lost clinical site due to that...the last class that you take does prepare you well for the boards...They lost my entrance test and i had to retake it the week before classes started. very unorganized place. I know this reply is a little late but I hope this helps!
  5. by   tiffdeandre
    What do you mean by the LPN program at RSHT is easy?
  6. by   Kellylpn07
    their program is very basic. They just teach you as little as needed to get you through the course. It's like high school tests pretty much. it doesn't prepare you for the state boards hardly. Very easy program but you must study alot on your own to pass the boards. Most of the people passed the boards in my class but some of them haven't passed as we speak. They also dont have many clinical sites because students who think they knew it all went to clinical sites and were rude and stuff so they barely have sites. When I finished school and actually started working as an LPN I barely knew any skills compared to what is really out there. they don't prepare you well!!! but like i said if you can learn on your own very well then this is a good program because it is soooo easy! anyone can pass it unless they just really dont want to be there...
  7. by   KCKMomLPN
    I finished the LPN program @ RSHT in July 2010 and I have positive and negative feelings about the school. Here's a list I've compiled! LOL

    - QUICK program
    - Convenient hours
    - Night clinicals
    - Mostly nice teachers
    - Fairly easy acceptance into program
    - ATI NCLEX preps were awesome

    - Not enough supplies for labs
    - MAJOR racism towards white students and the faculty COMPLETELY ignored it, even when reported
    - Not enough clinical sights
    - Not enough to do @ the clinical sites they had
    - Not enough lab education (because you had to share supplies, etc it took 2-3 hours for everyone to finish skills training that should take 45-60 minutes)
    - NO phlebotomy... RIDICULOUS
    - Minimum education needed to pass the school and go on to take the NCLEX
    - Not enough NCLEX preparation, other than ATI which WAS helpful
    - Too many students who didn't truly care about being there and eventually dropped out or were put out
    - E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E!!! But you're paying for the 19month convenience. YOU have to weigh what's more important

    If anyone is thinking about going to RSHT, I HIGHLY recommend that you think about what's more important to you... getting finished fast at a higher expense or going a little slower w/ a community college and saving $. I would also suggest that you thoroughly think about whether or not you may EVER want to go to RN school. If so, THESE CREDITS WILL NOT TRANSFER. You will also want to look into taking a phlebotomy class at JSRCC or something in ADDITION to your classes at RSHT or you will surely be lost in this field.

    I've been practicing as an LPN for almost a year now, and I'm super happy. I work @ the same office I've been at for almost 4 years, and I honestly have NO idea if I would've been hired anywhere else @ the rate I'm being paid. I had at last 2 friends that went to RSHT be offered only $12/hr. I honestly believe that had they gone to JSRCC or JTCC, they would've been paid more. If I had the time, no job, and no kids, I would've just gone to RN school instead.