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  1. Hello, Well I was born and raised in Roanoke. I have been away with my military husband for about 15 or more years. We are currently in Alabama and I am due to graduate nursing school in May 08. He is due to retire from the Army in Aug,08. We are confused on where to plant our feet so to speak. We like the weather here and the low cost of living here but the pay is also low. I think for a RN graduate the starting pay is around 18.00 and more for night shift. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the starting pay in the Roanoke area. Either at Roanoke Memorial or the VA hospital. I have mixed feeling moving back. My family is there but I am so used to not being at their beck and call. I love the area though and the mountains. Anyway, just wondering if someone could give me alittle insight on it. All the job postings never give you pay information. I know the taxes are much higher than here so we are trying to figure out if its going to benefit us to move.

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    Hi. I live in Roanoke and have worked at Memorial for 8 years. Starting pay for new grad is around 18 dollars. You can call the recruiter and she will tell you the exact amount. Lewis Gale is about the same. You will make more at the V.A. but I have heard the working conditions are harsh (low staff, grumpy old nurses who have worked their for 20 years, etc).
    With that said, I love working at Memorial. You can do NICU to cardiac surgery, just anything you want. It is a teaching hospital so I have learned a lot. They invest a good deal in new equipment, computers, safety. We have had many nurses in our unit go to the other area hospitals to make a little more money, only to come back in a month or two. They all have horror stories! I have never worked anywhere else so I don't know first hand.
    You are right that property taxes are higher here, but otherwise cost of living is fairly low here.
    Feel free to PM me for any specific questions.......Jessica