Riverside RN Program Fall 2012

  1. I have applied for the RN Program and have already taken the TEAS test and passed. I received my call for the interview which is scheduled for May 29th. Does anyone know what questions are asked during the interview or how I can prepare for it? Also, how soon after the interview do you hear if you have been accepted? I am so nervous and have worked so very hard for this....Crossing Fingers!!!
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  3. by   Bob_N_VA
    If they haven't changed what they ask (I'm going into the last term starting in June) then its pretty basic stuff, why do you want to be a nurse, maybe a question or two about your background or schooling. Nothing to get worked up over. They should tell you when the final decisions will be made. Probably within a couple of weeks after you interview, but just ask then at the interview or if you are really concerned, give em a call. Its a good school with a well regarded program. Good Luck.
  4. by   luvmygrlz
    Thank you so much Bob...I had my interview on Tuesday and I feel very confident with it. Mrs. Whitaker is such a sweet woman. People have said that she is pretty "dry" but I don't get that at all from her. I only wish I didn't have to wait so long to hear if I am in or not! She said it wouldn't be until around Mid-July!!!! UGH!!!! I am going to DIE until then....

    Thanks again for your input and Good Luck with your schooling! Maybe I'll see ya around sometime!
  5. by   agilchrist
    bob do you know how long the progam is for the lpn to rn brige (evening)?
  6. by   acuna_matata
    I applied to Riversides RN program for Jan 2013. I took my teas yesterday and passed. I guess the next step is the interview. Does anyone have any advice? For those that were accepted, what does the school look for in the application process: GPA, Teas test, or work experience?

    The anticipation is killing me.