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Hi everyone!! Just wanted to start a forum where we can all introduce ourselves and talk about the happenings of our new journeys as nursing students! Wow! It feels great to say that! :)... Read More

  1. by   LocallyGrown
    I'd def be interested in some type of study group. I have a pretty flexible schedule and a supportive husband who can watch the kids if groups want to meet in the evening. I guess we'll just have to see what schedules are like along with workload. I'm nervous about getting started but thankful to not be doing it alone.

    @mrdarwhorse-My husband is from the Chicago area and loved it. I was born at Fairfax Hospital and have been here all of my life...hence the name LocallyGrown (and I garden). :-)
  2. by   mrdarkwhorse
    I think the time stamps on the posts are wrong...
  3. by   mrdarkwhorse
    @mrdarwhorse-My husband is from the Chicago area and loved it. I was born at Fairfax Hospital and have been here all of my life...hence the name LocallyGrown (and I garden). :-)[/QUOTE]

    Oh yeah I was not saying anything negative about Chicago, I just don't feel a connection to it.
  4. by   Marmite75
    I am nervous about doing well in the nursing program - I too heard that you need to get 78%, and above, to be considered a 'pass'. I was able to do well on my pre-reqs but know that critical thinking, required for the nursing classes, is a whole different type of cognitive process from just memorizing and understanding facts. Hopefully we can all offer each other some support through study groups etc. its going to be an exciting and demanding 2 years.
    By the way, even though I refer to myself as 'old' it is hard for me to perceive myself as such. Seriously, I think my maturity stalled at around 25 ... I love being 25!
    Anyway, cheers to diversity and life experiences!
  5. by   CaligirlinVA
    Name: Erin
    Track: Traditional
    Years at NOVA: 1 Semester!
    Career Goals: My ultimate goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Women's Health or Pediatrics! I plan to do an RN to BSN program after passing NCLEX.
    Previous Degree(If applicable): None, but I have over 120 credit hours over the years! Enough for a bachelors, lol
    Favorite Pass-time: I enjoy photography, crafts, sewing, baking and outdoor activities with my family!
    Classes taken at NOVA: SDV 101, HLT 250 and HLT 141, and I plan to get my PSY 202 done in the last 8 week session of summer.

    About Me: I will be turning 29 a few days after orientation. I am married (going on 9 years now!) to my husband who is in the USAF. We relocated here this fall with our 5 (almost 6) year old daughter. I was born and raised in Northern California. Due to the nature of my husband's job, I have lived in several different locations, including time spent living in Japan. I have worked as Veterinary Technician at a very busy Veterinary Clinic and one less busy clinic over a period of about 6 years. I have learned a lot of skills that I am hoping to be able to expand upon in my new career as an RN. I am very excited to have the opportunity to start in this RN program, and look forward to what the future will hold! Can't wait to meet you all at orientation!
  6. by   tlc2012
    Name: D. Marie Matwijec
    Track: Traditional
    Years at NOVA: 2
    Career Goals: Nurse practitioner.
    Previous Degree (If applicable): none
    Favorite Pass-time: reading and buying old pieces of furniture and remodeling them
    Classes taken at NOVA: A&P 2, HLT 141, HLT 250, SDV 101 as well as the pre-reqs

    About me: I am 22 years old, unmarried with no children. I started out at a four year school to be a psychology/biology major when I decided that I wanted to be a nurse. I became a LPN in 2010 however I didn’t feel like my education was up to par in regards to the basics of nursing that I did not feel confident and decided to start over doing the traditional program. Hopefully this time around I will get a solid foundation in nursing. I currently work in an assisted living facility so I am hoping that if I work part-time hours I will still be successful in nursing school. I have heard so many opinions as to whether or not you should work during school that I am a bit nervous I might be taking on too much at once but school is what comes first for me and I am grateful to have supportive parents to fall back on. I am so excited to finally be accepted into the nursing program and to be able to attend this year. (I applied last year and got in but was unable to attend due to the complications of life) I want to wish everyone who made it in congratulations again! NVCC Nursing Class of 2014! Whoot!

    I am starting to get worried about when they will finally give us directions for completing our background check and drug screen as well as when they will give us blackboard access. I want to complete everything now and have that behind me so it is no longer a provisional acceptance! I also had hoped that I would be able to purchase my textbooks elsewhere but it seems as if they are giving us no other choice but to buy our books from them this semester. Hopefully in the semesters to come we are able to buy our books elsewhere and save a few bucks.
  7. by   mrdarkwhorse
    I assume everyone got their background check packages
  8. by   lysvictoria
    hey guys,

    i'm sure i'll be meeting plenty of you soon enough.

    I am a second time around student - I first got accepted in 2009 and didn't make it past the first semester. I studied constantly. I ignored all my friends but I didn't do enough and i got a 76% and you need a 78% you can imagine how aggravating that was!
    but i'm here my second time and ready to make it happen this time

    also as for the books - in 2009 the book package was $800 it came with all the books you would need for the whole program as well as online codes and stuff as there were a lot of online components to lecture and lab and it had a code for the hesi tests you had to take throughout the program as well

    i'm REALLY hoping the books haven't changed because I really don't want to be spending another 800 on this stuff