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  1. I received a phone call from the Norfolk Sentara about a few positions I applied for. She was concerned because my local address listed is Yorktown which she said is a considerable commute. I understand her concerns, but we have not found a permanent address yet. Also, the specific job she called about (two) were the two jobs I most highly desired. I would truly love an opportunity to work in either position. Does anyone have suggestions for a good apartment complex that is zoned into good middle/high schools or good housing community? My kids are 13 and 15 and that is my largest concern. Currently I pay 750 a rent which I have noticed is not even doable up in the Hampton roads area. Atleast everything I have seen in Yorktown is starting at 1100/month. My pay in NC is 20.25 an hr and I have been an RN for 2 years. I look forward to any advice.
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  3. by   llg
    Perhaps it would help if you told people how far you were willing to commute. For example: Do you want to stay living on the Pennisula (Hampton, NewPort News? etc.) or are you looking at moving to the south side? (e.g. Norfolk, VA Bearch, Portsmouth, Suffolk)

    Hampton Roads is a very big area and it might help if you started by narrowing it down a bit. The first big question for everyone in Hampton Roads is, "Do you want to be on the same side of the water as your job? ... Or are you willing to rely on bridges and tunnels to commute?" Do you have family or friends in one town or another? etc.
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    Honestly I do not really care where I live,as long as my kids are in a good safe school and safe neighborhood. Unfortunately I am unsure of where that would be in Hampton roads, or which schools to stay away from for them. As for the commute, I do not mind driving 30 miles/35 miles but the tunnels are a concern as I have heard several times about the traffic stopped there and have been stopped at the tunnels before for up to 20 minutes. So I can easily see that could be a major problem in regard to a commute and I would feel worried about that, but on the other hand for the RIGHT position, I wouldn't care at all..if it was something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I was passionate about that specific position I would be willing to do the commute without an issue. It doesn't change the reality of the commute, but some jobs are that great that yes I would do it.
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    Theres always private school. Anything has to be better than all that gas. Sentara pays well. I worked for them for years and am currently doing my advanced practice practicum there. I love Norfolk General. In Norfolk, West ghent and Granby are the best districts. Virginia Beach has many good ones but rents are high there. Also, out towards Suffolk on the Churchland/chesapeake line has some decent rent and decent schools. HOpe this helps.