New grad ADN Salary

  1. I am attending a ADN program in Hampton Roads. It's a region in Virginia that encompasses Virginia Beach, Chesapeake,Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth.

    I read the average salary of a RN is around 70,000 a year, but the average nurse has many years of experience. Does anyone know the starting salary of a RN in this area? Also, I wouldn't mind comparing the starting salary between other areas as well
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  3. by   PVCCHoo
    Way less than that. I am in Central VA and I think my starting salary a couple years ago was 45K.

    Thanks to a nice pay bump after the first year, shift diff's, and a little OT I was able to break 70K in my second year.

    Pay around the beach is a little lower from what I have heard, but it will be tough to make 70 a year right out of school in this state.
  4. by   SuburbsGirl
    I am not from the area, but I like to give input on these questions. I use tools available to me and do cost of living adjustments.

    My calc says you should make at least around $26.65 for new grad.

    Not saying can't be more, but that should be minimum.
  5. by   Shanimal
    The RN new grad salary in Hampton Roads area hospitals was around $20-21/hr five years ago. Not sure what it is now, but I suspect it's not much higher.