My Southwest Virginia Story

  1. There are pretty much two nursing schools in this area....Mountain Empire Community College and University of Virginia at Wise.

    MECC offers only a ASN program and has about 150 applicants for about 55 slots...they require Chemistry before you enter the program, but will let you take AP once you are accepted...they are changing their entrance exam for the nursing program to another test, but the jury is still out on which one they will implement. They offer a part-time/weekend program as well.

    UVaWise offers a BSN program, but the kicker there is that if you have a Bachelor degree from another college, they make you take several courses from their GENERAL education core to "match" what you already other words, even if you have a BS degree in another dicipline, you'll be treated just like any other transfer student and they will transfer course by course, and what doesn't meet their criteria has to be taken.

    I'm not sure where I'll be going this fall...but we'll see.
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  3. by   texasvagal
    I'm really sorry to hear that you feel that way. You named 2 of 4 Colleges in Southwest VA that offers nursing programs. Check on Southwest VA Community and Virginia Highland. Hope this helps.
  4. by   maryshome8
    Oh, there are other schools in SW Virginia..but if you live in Wise County, the other two that you mentioned are not at all convenient to drive to. They are too far away.
  5. by   texasvagal
    I understand, just keep searching. Hope things work out for you.