lynchburg college accerelated BSN Summer 2015

  1. Hello everyone, is there anyone accepted to the accelerated portion of the program in lynchburg college, cause I have been accepted, and I'm definitely going. I'm trying to make connections with my future classmates. If anyone would please help out with more info and area to live, that will be much appreciated. Thank you all
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  3. by   mas28
    Welcome, I graduate from LC Accelerated Nursing program this May. I'm almost done!! I was the first accelerated cohort. You will work hard and learn so much. make sure you have plenty of support. Smart idea to develop support groups and study groups. You'd be surprised how close friends you'll become. Good luck and congrats!!!
  4. by   futurenaijaRN
    Thank you sooo much for your reply! Very helpful. Please where are the places to live apart from on campus apartments.
  5. by   kmatt021
    CONGRATS! I have been accepted into the program but haven't made a decision if I will be attended. I'm leaning towards it but I am still trying to process tuition, housing, books, etc.
  6. by   futurenaijaRN
    Congrats to you as well! I have paid my deposit already and excited to start. I'm going to apply for financial aid. Beside that's the cheapest school I applied and got accepted. Unlike northeastern unviserity that's $60k for its 16months.
  7. by   kmatt021
    Once I apply for financial aid it probably won't be as bad. Just have to figure out housing and possibly a part-time job. It shouldn't be too hard finding a place to live, there's plenty off campus apartments. I enjoyed living in Lynchburg for my 1 bachelors degree at LU.
  8. by   futurenaijaRN
    Oh please can you help me out with housing? I'm moving from Florida, and I have no idea a good ppace to live. This will be my second program.
  9. by   kmatt021
    Sure can! I can email you a list of housing that I am familiar with and would feel comfortable living.
  10. by   kmatt021
    I gathered a list together of some places in lynchburg. DM me your email address on IG. @loveekrystle
  11. by   futurenaijaRN
    I followed you on my IG now, sorry I will drop a message under a baby picture to let you know I'm the one. My IG name is @amynwa
  12. by   Lidochka
    hey everyone, I am applying for Lynchburg next year, i would like to ask if anyone can give me advise on how to successfully get accepted to the ABSN program? like what is the minimum gpa I should have, experiences, letter of recommendation?????
    Thank a lot
  13. by   futurenaijaRN
    Their required minimum GPA as of now is 3.0 and they also want your prereq. to also be 3.0. I would aim for atleast 3.30 and up. They don't require LOC, and personal statement is optional. The moment I uploaded my personal statement, I got accepted twa days later. Goodluck
  14. by   kmatt021
    Hey! How's your housing search going? Have you found anyone else that will be in the program? I have decided to attend LC this May.

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