lynchburg college accerelated BSN Summer 2015 - page 4

Hello everyone, is there anyone accepted to the accelerated portion of the program in lynchburg college, cause I have been accepted, and I'm definitely going. I'm trying to make connections with my... Read More

  1. by   futurenaijaRN
    I just accessed my email without any qualms.
  2. by   kate23smith
    Quote from futurenaijaRN
    I just accessed my email without any qualms.
    They typed it wrong in the letter they gave me they said it had KU in it...I kept trying wonder why it wasnt working. It was suppose to say KV like my initials...I was a little peeved.
  3. by   futurenaijaRN
    Glad you figured it out. Any luck on the apartments? I'm seriously looking now, don't know if any of you is interested in roommates stuff?
  4. by   futurenaijaRN
    Qyick question guys, do you think stafford loan will be able to cover the cost for the school? Is there option available please?
  5. by   kate23smith
    Sallie Mae is a student loan company. She already owns like half my soul...haha
  6. by   futurenaijaRN
    But don't you need a co-signer for sallie?
  7. by   kate23smith
    I believe the offer loans for dependents. My friend just got one for graduate school
  8. by   kmatt021
    I didn't need a co-signer for sallie mae when I used it in the past. I will be in Lynchburg April 18th to check out apartments in the area.
  9. by   futurenaijaRN
    That's great! I will have to call them up. Will you be looking for 2/2, 3/3, or 1/1 cos I'm interested in rooming with any of you
  10. by   kmatt021
    I don't mind having a roommate. How far from the school are you willing to stay? Will you have transportation? There's a few 2/2 apartments about 7-10 minutes from school
  11. by   futurenaijaRN
    That sounds perfect! I might have to bring my car. Considering weather and all, I don't have anything less than 20mins away. Thank you very much. Whats the price range?
  12. by   kmatt021
    2/2 around $800 not including electric and Internet
  13. by   futurenaijaRN
    Quote from kmatt021
    2/2 around $800 not including electric and Internet
    Not bad.