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  1. Hello All,

    I am new to the board. I am mulling over a career in nursing, most likely starting as a LPN and possibly advancing later. I live in Richmond, VA and only have a few options for programs. One of those options is the Richmond School of Health and Technology. I've called them and so far, I don't get a warm-fuzzy kind of feeling. It feels very much like a sales pitch rather than a place to get an education. I have to go in and speak with someone in order to get even the most basic information and before I can do that, I have to take a 90 minute long assessment test.

    I'm a busy girl, I don't have time for this sort of thing unless it's worth it. My questions are, has anyone gone to this school for the LPN program or know anyone who has? How much did it cost? Where were the clinicals? Was it a good education? Did you feel prepared for the licensing exam afterwards?

    Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. If it's worth it and I can afford the program, I'll happily jump through their hoops.

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  3. by   pseudo2697
    just thought i would try and give you some info. i graduated from rsht in charlottesville january of this year. as i'm sure you have, i heard a lot of rumors and negative talk about the school and was hesitant my self. all i can say is don't belive everything you hear. i will say that you will get out of it what you put into it. if you work hard and study hard it is a good school. i feel like i learned alot and i passed my boards first try without a problem. this is my opinion maybe you should take a look around for yourself and see what you think. i do however recommend rsht if you are willing to put the time and work into it. hope this helps.
  4. by   MJS1974
    Thanks for your reply. I have heard quite a bit of negative stuff. One major issue I have is the cost of the school. I've heard it's around $13,000. Is that true? I've also heard that their passrate for the NCLEX is not that great.
  5. by   pseudo2697
    Hello again,
    When I went the cost was 13,500 I have heard now that it is 18,000. For our school in charlottesville our pass rate was 92% and all of the people in my class passes! If you study hard you can pass no matter what school you go to I think. I hope this helps.
  6. by   MJS1974
    Thank you so much for the information and advice. You've been very helpful! I agree that you get out of something, what you put into it. Now I just need to decide if the cost is something that I can deal with you.

    Best regards.
  7. by   warmweathergal
    You may want to check into the community colleges like J. Sargeant Reynolds. Like the others said you get out of it what you put into it. I am starting at the bottom in the CNA class. I am 44. I am doing this in Fredericksburg. this is a second career for me. There in an LPN course that is 18 months and it is just $2000. thats it. Sign ups start in the spring and class starts next fall. I 'll graduate the first week of December. I just wanted to get my foot in the door to see how I like it. So far so good. At least there is the internet to do research. You can go to the Va board of nursing and they'll give you a list of schools. I did so much poking around that somewhere it also shows the cost. Our teacher told us the schools like that are expensive because you are paying for their advertising. I hope that helps you out. :spin:
  8. by   PreNurse214
    Hi i am in frederikcsburg as well where did u get your CNA from and where will you be going to school to get you LPN?