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  1. Hi, I am new to the board. I will be relocating to Northern Va. next month (April). I am an LPN of 9 years and am wondering where do they hire LPN's in Northern Va? Do they hire LPN's in the hospitals there or do I need to look for employment in an Assisted Living type facility? Any information that you have will be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows about any nursing agencies that may temporarily place me for employment til I find something full time. Please help!! I'm desperate to find out some type of information. Thanks!!!

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  3. by   yasci
    There are a few hospitals in the Northern VA area that take LPN's but the majority of the LPN work is in nursing homes and assisted living. I work with Healthcare Works (agency) in the Tysons Corner area. They work with both nursing homes and hospitals. Let me know if you want their phone number.