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  1. I think I just need some reassurance. I am a CNA and I do want to continue my education and become a nurse. I have put in multiple applications online at Mary Washington Hospital. I have had one interview. I thought it went well. I went back about 10 days later and the charge nurse said she hasn't made up her mind yet. When I check online, a couple other depts are considering my application as well.

    I came to a point in my life to make a career change. I wanted to be a nurse in high school but as I found out more, the money and the advancement wasn't what it is today. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a CNA until a year ago. I decided to try that to see if I still wanted to nurse and I do. I am currently doing private duty part time for a wonderful couple. She is paralyzed from the waist down. I wanted to get into a hospital setting part time as well. Plus I wouldnt have to pay for my benefits like I am now.

    So, does or can it take a while to get accepted into a hospital. My backround is fine. I did take CPR thru the Red Cross pro but they said they are using CPR from the American Heart Assoc. I don't mean to ramble I am just a little frustrated and need some assurance I guess. I look forward to your replies !! Thanks for your time
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    I would think with your experience you could easily land a job working as a Clinical Technician. You will get good experience doing that and it will make you more marketable and more assured once you get your degree.