INOVA hiring process....???

  1. I recently applied to a position at INOVA and have a few questions about the hiring process that I am slightly confused about. I received several emails requesting that I take a survey for some positions that I had looked at but did not actively apply for. Is this normal???

    Also, for those who have gone through this process, how long did it take for you to hear back from nurse recruiting regarding wanting and interview or not? Did you call or was there anything else you did that was helpful in this process?

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  3. by   inovahealth
    Posted on behalf of Inova recruitment team:

    Thank you for your interest in Inova. For certain positions, Inova does utilize an online assessment. If you are asked to complete one, you must do so before being considered for the job that you have just applied for. As far as the length of time it takes to hear back about a specific job, you will be contacted via email if your skills and qualifications are a match for a job within 45 days.