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  1. Does Anyone know of any good, decent, christian, God fearing, non -judge
    mental nurse manager in richmond,va.? Any hospital at-all. your input everyone. Thanks.:smilecoffeeIlovecof
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  3. by   llg
    Do you really care about their particular religion? ... or are you open to work for people of a faith different from your own?
  4. by   nyykkii
    i am very open to all kinds of people of faith. its just that recently a friends of mine had her license placed on probation and the nurse managers that interview her focus more on the her past. All she needs is a chance to prove herself. At least the board has given her a chance to practice,why not the nurse managers. No one is perfect. That was why the post was made. I just want her to work again. So if you do know of someone, anyone at all, that will be willing to help she will really appreciate it. Thanks