george mason accelerated bsn

  1. hello people.
    i am looking into starting the accelerated 2nd degree program.
    i have a previous bsc in management from purdue with a 2.95 overall gpa from 2004.
    i did my pre-reqs from nova and have a 4.0 in those.(have wisened with age!)
    i am very nervous about the whole program and applying.can anyone share their scores/gpa/experience to help me to get a feel of what will help me into getting admission into the program.
    really appreciate it!
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  3. by   kristin850408
    I applied for the Fall 2010 Program. My GPA was 3.01 for my first degree in Econ, and I had about a 3.3 GPA in my prereqs, taken mostly at Nova. I am a GMU alumni. The Mason program is VERY competitive. I did not get in. If you go to their info session, they spend the majority of the time talking about how unlikely it is you will get in. The deal is they have about 40-50 spots and 400+ applicants, so many qualified people are not accepted. I would reccomend applying anways, but have a back up plan! NOVA has a nursing program, as well as GWU and Georgetown. I actually ended up going to VCU's program, which is a little longer (1.5 years) but is also associated with a teaching hospital--Medical College of Virginia. Plus, you get in-state tuition! ODU, JMU, and UVA also have 2nd degre programs as well. Make sure to give yourself plenty of options!