cna classes

  1. does anyone know who's offering cna classes either at a school or healthcare facility.
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  3. by   JenniferR
    What part of Virginia are you in? I am currently enrolled at TCC-Virginia Beach campus- in the Nurse Aide program. They offer several classes (day or night) each semester.
  4. by   qsgyrl
    thanks can you tell me how much is the class and how long is the class for thanks.
  5. by   JenniferR
    The cost is calculated according to TCC's current tuition rate per credit. You have to take two courses: NUR 27- Nurses Aide I (4 credits) and NUR 90- Coordinated Internship (1 credit). I paid $452.50 this semester for the 5 credits. My book was close to $37.00. You also have to buy a stethoscope, white uniform, and white shoes for clinicals.

    The course is actually just under a semester... about 7 weeks if you go during the day and about 14 weeks if you go at night. They offer several day and night classes each semester; each with different starting dates. This semester, for example, has 5 different day classes and 3 evening classes. I'm in one of the 3 evening classes offered this semester. I just started September 18 and I'll be done December 20. The next set of classes won't be available until next semester starting in January.
  6. by   cdquiroz1
    I am actually interested in the CNA program in TCC. I currently live in Washington but we're getting transferred in December to Virginia Beach. Do you know the schedule for January and also the times for the day classes? I just want to know this information that way right when we get there I can sign up for it. I called and asked for the flier but they gave they sent me the RN program. Thank you:spin:
  7. by   cdquiroz1
    Can you use any white uniform or does it have to be a certain kind? What is a good brand? Also do you know what kind of stethoscope is good? Thank you any information would help.