Carilion - A Place to Plug in for the long-haul?

  1. Please, Virginia Nurses,

    Should I consider Carilion if I want to find a home, that is, if I want to plug into an employer for the long haul (i/e retire with them)? I've seen the post about Carilion being one of the top 50 places to work, but I'd like to hear from those of you who actually work for them, or have in the past. Thanks for the replies!
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  3. by   HappyNurse2005
    I work for them. I've not seen anything saying they are a top 50 employer to work for, but i wouldn't be surprised.
    I dont know what you know about htem already, but they are quite large.

    They have their 2 main hospitals Roanoke Memorial and Community Hospital, both in Roanoke, 1 mile from each other (though, they are working on consolidating, and will both be at RMH eventually). collectively they are known as Carilion Medical Center. These are the Magnet facilities. They are also the teaching hospitals, associated with the university of virginia, and the DO school in blacksburg. They have residency programs for docs in several specialties-also several nursing schools in the area (one owned by carilion) rotate thru these hospitals. They are the perinatal referral center for the area, have the only NICU this part of the state, have a level 1 trauma center, have a big cardiac surgery program, etc. many specialties, high volume, etc

    There are several smaller hospitals in their system, spread out thru western VA, if you are interested in a smaller community hospital type setting.

    They also have many doctors offices, too. primary care and specialists.

    All of this is good, I think, b/c you can transfer within the system if you don't like your current area.

    I like the benefits, but i have nothing to compare it to. insurance options, 403b, retirement, pensions, etc etc.

    feel free to PM if you want any specifics about anything. Have you seen their website?
    (every time you are on it and refresh it, the little stories about their specialties change)
  4. by   SkateBetty
    Thank you for the informative reply! PM to follow...