Anyone apply to GMU or apply(ing) to NOVA Traditional Fall 2013? - page 4

Hey all :) I applied to GMU's traditional pathway for Fall 2013 and will be applying to NOVA's traditional 2013 as well. I take my TEAS tomorrow! Ah! Anyhow, I saw that in previous years people... Read More

  1. by   Sambreen
    Ahhhh yayyyy a fellow NOVA graduate!! soooo glad you joined the thread! Welcome aboard! I'm super super scared cuz I think they'd pick any Mason student over me any day :'( sighh but fingers crossed for both of us!! I hope we get something within the next two dayss!!
  2. by   Sambreen
    Guys i just got my letter from gmu and i got innnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg omg omg i can't believe this i can't stop crying. This is so great. You guys have to let me know soon!! :')
  3. by   kib268
    I AM IN !
    The letter came to my parents, my sister called about 2 hours ago and I still cannot believe it!

    Congrats to us!
  4. by   Sambreen
    OMG yesss congrats to us!!!! I'm SO excited! This is totally unreal! Time to celebrate before the fall semester starts
  5. by   Me1988
    Hi guys we are all going to be classmates, I got in. I can't wait to meet you all. I am so excited to start in the fall.
  6. by   Sambreen
    Hiiii!! Yay! Congrats to you as well!!! The feeling is totally mutual! I'm waiting for more people to come on out and introduce themselves I went in to turn my contract today and they said our mandatory orientation will be the week of the 19th in August. Ahhh! August can't come fast enough
  7. by   Me1988
    I am so happy to start, but on the other hand I wonder how hard the classes will be? When I was at the BSN orientation, The person in charge said that we can't work more than twenty hours per week because of the extensive material that is required to learn. They also mentioned not to feel frustrated when we get C's. Anyway, I will try to enjoy my time off because when we start the program, we have to work our tails off to pass the classes. Good luck to us
  8. by   Sambreen
    My cousin is a nurse and I'm always bugging her with questions. She said things will begin to make more sense once you finish the Nursing 101 class (I guess that's NURS 330 for us). I don't work so all my time and energy will be spent on the program. Are you going to be working while in nursing school? I've been applying around hoping to start a part time job so I can pay for that expensive to-do list! Good luck to us indeed!!
  9. by   Sambreen
    Soooooo I know this post just kind of died and all lol but I was hoping someone has an update on anything :'( My excitement is starting to die down But yeaaaa anyone else feel the same way?
  10. by   Me1988
    lol I'm still here and will keep posting stuff. I think that by the time we get the emails about the orientation and all the papers that we will have to submit then that's when many questions will raise from all of us. So I think this post is not going to die, but it will indeed, once we all meet. By the way, I am working part time as a hotel clerk.
  11. by   Tricia328
    I know it's been a while since we've talked last, but I found your post so I could congratulate you on getting in to GMU! I had no doubt you could do it, and just wanted to say congrats! How do you feel?!

    I am still waiting for NVCC I am not very patient to begin with, and without being able to find a job yet, my days are relaxing but passing slowly!!! Haha. Anyway! It would be nice to catch up! Congrats to everyone else that got accepted to GMU as well!
  12. by   Sambreen
    Me1988: Yesss! I cannot wait for the emails and letters to start pouring in But I totally agree I can't wait to meet the class of 2015

    Tricia: Hii! Soooo nice to hear from you again! & thank you so so much It was the greatest feeling ever!! I was hoping we'd actually get to meet and maybe be classmates! But you never know we may end up being coworkers! I'm jobless too, have been for a while, soooo this summer is going by WAY TOO SLOW I'm actually waiting on my NOVA letter also because I really wanna know what it'll say Good luck to you! I'm sure your letter with begin with "Congratulations!"
  13. by   Tricia328
    Hahaha, thanks Sambreen I hope you are right!

    And yes! Who knows, maybe we can work together We have to stay in touch! With the free time you have, you definitely need to celebrate!