Any MCI Newport News/VA Beach LPN or RN students?!

  1. If you are in any of these two locations....could you tell me about these MCI programs?!

    A bit about my situation....I have everything ready to go to start school in Jan in either the LPN or RN program. BUT I have to complete the 3 prereqs for RN before Jan and they start Nov 15th. The LPN doesn't have any prereqs.

    I just don't know which one to do......These prereqs comes at a really bad time as I've already made plans for November and would have to cancel them all....PLUS the thought that if I don't do well in them, I won't be able to get in the RN program and will have wasted $600!!!

    To add to the equation...I have 2 kids under 3 with a husband that's in the Navy with a revolving shift work schedule. So each week I would need a sitter for a different amount of time and at a different time each week....*sigh*

    I just don't know what to do here.....

    Soooooo is there anyone who has completed either of these programs or is in them and give me some insight?!?!

    Thank you!!!

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  3. by   austeph

    I did the evening LPN program and graduated about 1 1/2 years ago. I would be happy to try and answer any questions you may have if you'd like...
    Have a good night!
  4. by   Haveadream
    Quote from austeph

    I did the evening LPN program and graduated about 1 1/2 years ago. I would be happy to try and answer any questions you may have if you'd like...
    Have a good night!


    I do have a few.....

    *Was the school fun? Or was it work, work, work with stingy teachers?!
    *Did you find a job quickly?
    *What do you do in your job? Like....are you the secretary or are you having a lot of hands on time with patients???
    *How much are you getting paid and at what facility?

    I'm sorry about all the questions!!! I have not been able to find anyone to answer my questions about this area!!! I live in Newport News!!:spin:
  5. by   lklin09

    I finished my chem pre-req the beginning of Oct and will be attending in Jan for the RN program in Va Bch as long as I get that all important acceptance letter. Here is what I can tell you...I only had to take the Chemistry class since I had already taken English Comp, a computer class and College Algebra at other school I attended. The chem class was tough but manageable. Since it had been awhile since I had taken chem, I had to study a lot. But it was great practice for what I will hopefully be doing in Jan. A lot of the info is needed for A&P. It will be tough taking all 3 at one time, but if nursing is what you are meant to do, you will find a way. Its hard being a mom and being a student, but taking those classes will give you and your family an insight into what you will be doing for 15 months. You will more than likely live and breath school day and night. Its take a lot of sacrifice but it is very doable and worth it.
    A little more info on the chem class, each Monday night we had a quiz then lecture, each Wed night a test then lecture, and every Sat lecture then a lab. It is VERY fast paced, covering several chapters a night...I don't want to discourage you just want you have a good pic of what to expect. I did hear that the computer class was very easy and the Math wasn't too bad...the teacher at the VB campus was getting pretty good reviews from some of the other students I had talked with. Also the chem teacher at VB was great and willing to work with anyone who needed any help at all.
  6. by   austeph
    Hello again,

    I had a good time in school and made some awesome friends. We became very close during school and we helped each other when times got tough. It's not easy-expect to work hard. You will eat,breathe, and sleep school the entire time you're going, but like the other poster said, it is definitely worth it in the long run. I have three kids of my own (four if you include the hubby) and managed to survive! Of course, everyone has their own opinions about teachers. Some you will love, and some you may not like, but at times you make it what you will. I fortunately had a very good experience with school-I just wished I had done it a long time ago.

    I was able to find a job very quickly-by the end of school I had three offers on the table-from offices and hospitals. I love my job! I am in an office setting now and we don't do any of the front office work. We are doing patient care. If you have any other questions, let me know! You can also PM if you'd like.
    Have a great night!