Any Marymount or GMU nursing students looking for a roommate for spring 2013???

  1. Hello,

    I have recently been accepted into Marymount's ABSN for the spring of 2013. Anyone attending marymount or anyone that has been accepted, know how expensive it is to live in the area on top of the high tuition price. So I thought I'd at least try to use this wonderful forum and see if anyone else has been going crazy about the impending doom that is our future student debt. I am looking for places that aren't too far from school so that the price for commuting and rent doesn't total the price for a 1bedroom within walking distance to the school. Also would like to find a 2br/2ba to keep things as uncomplicated as possible.

    About Me: I'm pretty laid back, social but not overbearing and no when to take a hint, clean up after myself, and I will be the most caring 6'1, 235 lb black male nurse on the east coast. I'm in a committed relationship but my girlfriend lives in Maryland so she may come up every other weekend. Also I have a cat, she won't scratch you but if you have an animal I can't promise she won't take a swing at it while their getting to know each other, but I will try to stop it if I see it about to go down. Also I like to crack jokes.

    About You: I really don't have any preferences, just as long as you're not crazy, controlling, and crazy... You know who you are.

    Also if you go to marymount and don't like walking alone at night. You get the added benefit and security of a large black man. So if you are looking for a place in the Arlington, Annandale, Falls Church area, send me a message.
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