Virginia Beach Sentara School of Health Professions: What to expect


Hi everyone! I just became a member of this site and I love that there is so much information here from so many different people! I'm currently finishing up my prereqs at TCC and will be done with them in 2009 and hopefully will be starting Sentara's RN program in January 2010. I've met with someone from the school and I've got all the info about the program, admissions, and all that. But I was interested in hearing from people who have gone through or are currently attending the program. What were the different semesters like? What was it like to train in the nursing homes, the ER, and all of the different clinical settings? What did you find really challenging to get through? I'm a pretty good student so I'm confident in all of the academics but I'm curious to hear about everyone's experiences with the clinicals. Any info or advice would help me out so much! Thanks:D


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Go through and search the threads for Sentara. There are a lot of good posts from over the last year that will answer a lot of your questions. I have heard nothing but positive things about their program. They seem really supportive. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the program!


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thanks for the advice tessa! yea i posted that when i first joined and since then i've actually had some time to go thru all of the different posts. there is a lot of good info here! i'm so glad i joined this site because everything everyone has to say is incredibly helpful. i was also wondering if anyone here will be starting sentara's program the same time as me, in january 2010.

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